HP Compaq Hard Drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates data integrity problems firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of data corruption or premature failure. HP Compaq Hard Drives are specifically designed and tested for flawless operation in your equipment.

Category Proliant HardDrive
Sub-Category 10K
Generation Ultra320
Part Number 286714-B22
Products ID 8570
Hot Swap Tray Included/Attached
Capacity 72.8GB
Height 1.0 inch/2.54cm
Width 4.0 inch/10.16cm
Interface Ultra320 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate 320MB/s
Seek Time Single Track 0.55ms
Seek Time Average 4.9ms
Seek Time Full Stroke 10.0ms
Rotational Speed 10K
Bytes/Sector 512
Manufacturer HP/Compaq
Application Server Storage
Server Type HP/Compaq Proliant
Backward Compatability U2 and U3 Speeds
Pre-Failure Warranty Yes
Data Storage Device Type SAS ( Server Attached Storage)
Hard Drive Device Type Hard Drive for Server/Storage Unit (HP)

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